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Fund Raising

To date we have 1485 shares of Bodhisattva vows.

Upcoming Activities

    • 19-20/11/2016 (SAT-SUN)
      Weekend ZEN Meditation Retreat for Peace of Mind & Body 周末身心安乐生活营 
      Guiding teacher : Ven Chi Boon
      指导老师 : 继闻法师  
    • 22-28/12/2016 (THU-WED) 
      7-Day ZEN Meditation Retreat 参禅精进七日修
      Guiding teacher | 指导老师:
      Zen Master Dae Kwang (USA) | 美国大光禅师   
    • 31-2/01/2017 (SAT-MON)
      3-Day ZEN Meditation Retreat 参禅精进三日修  
      Guiding teacher | 指导老师: 
      Ven. Chi Boon | 继闻法师   
    •  1/01/2017 (SUN) 
      New Year Dharma Talk 新年佛理讲座 Topic | 主题: 禅之生活 | Zen in Everyday Life 
      Speakers | 主讲者: 
      Zen Master Dae Kwang & Ven. Chi Boon | 大光禅师与继闻法师  
    • 7/01/2017 (SAT) 
      ZEN Meditation Course-84th Edition 第84期禅修班 
      Guiding teacher | 指导老师:
       Ven. Chi Boon | 继闻法师   


    Total No. of Sponsorship of
    Zen Centre Building
    (Generous Contribution of $1000)
    Our sincere gratitude:


    Click here for detail listing of upcoming activities.




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