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24th Anniversary

Fund Raising

To date we have 1402 shares of Bodhisattva vows.

Upcoming Activities

  • July 26-28 (Weekend) 参禅精进三日修 3-day Retreat  
      继闻法师领导 Led by ZM Dae Kwang & Ven. Chi Boon
  • Aug 06-10 (农历七月十一至十五) 地藏法会 Di Zang Fa Hui  
      继闻法师领导 Led by Ven. Chi Boon
  • Sep 04-06, 2014观音禅林廿四周年弘法大会 KYCL 24th ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATIONS  
      Led by ZM Dae Kwang, ZM Dae Kwan, ZM Ji Haeng & Ven. Chi Boon
  • Oct 16th-22nd, 2014 世界一花 韩国 2014 WWSF KOREA 
     Please indicate your interest by 25th Mar, 2014!


Total No. of Sponsorship of
Zen Centre Building
(Generous Contribution of $1000)
Our sincere gratitude:


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